Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Haunted Mansion has become Interactive

Coming soon to a Haunted Mansion near you is the infamous interactive queue. When this area went down a few months ago many people were skeptical, nervous, and downright upset that imagineers would mess with the entrance to this opening day attraction. Well, with the unveil officially over and the opening not far away, it seems that this has become more of a welcome addition than an imagineer mistake. It seems that Haunted Mansion is almost mistake proof, whereas many Disney attractions are refurbished and redone in a way that makes Disney enthusiasts upset, The Haunted Mansion always seems to stay to its roots. What we have been privy to see is more of a an interactive graveyard, complete with busts, tombs, statues and of course the Disney flair. We have musical playing walls, a tomb dedicated to the Sea Captain and his wife. The only downside seems to be the hitchhiking ghost scene. It seems as though they have removed the mirrors and added more digitally enhanced ghosts. We are unsure if this is the finished product yet. Stay tuned to see what comes next at The Haunted Mansion.