Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dreamfinder and Figment Reunited Next Year?

It appears that in the January refurbishment of the Imagination Pavilion, we may be seeing the addition of Dreamfinder, and a Dreamfinder Figment reunion. These rumors are based on the recent announcement that Colorvision will be the new sponsor of the pavilion, and the recent release of a Dreamfinder/Figment Christmas t-shirt. Now many are speculating that the shirt might be a retro shirt that Disney has pushed in the past few years, but others are using this as a reason to speculate that the often missed Dreamfinder might be returning to the attraction that made him famous.

It is still unknown what might be in the theater that is currently housing Captain EO, but the pavilion shutdown is coming soon, so hopefully news will come out soon about that attraction as well.