Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Disney Reveals Plans to Open DVC Wing at The Polynesian

It has been mad official, that the Walt Disney Resort will begin preparation for a Disney Vacation Club wing at the Polynesian Resort. This announcement, though somewhat expected, has many fans around the world extremely happy. Once completed, there will be a DVC section in each of the Magic Kingdom resorts, and thus allow Disney to move on to the other parts of the resort.

This move had been expected since the near completion of the DVC wing of the Grand Floridian. This is a necessary move, in that many guests are big fans of the Polynesian Resort, and their inability to stay their using their DVC membership (and it be of value) had made many fans upset. This construction will allow for that to be a possibility, as will allowing Disney to have a DVC wing at all stops on the Resort Monorail line.

It has been announced that the DVC wing at the Grand Floridian will be opening in late October, on or about the 23rd, and the construction on the Polynesian may begin during the month of September. This quick turnaround shows that Disney had been preparing for this announcement for quite some time, and their timing was to coincide with the opening of the Grand Floridian. The unofficial opening of the wing will be sometime in 2015, with the resort itself going through a refurbishment as well.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Announcement: Making Moves!

A few weeks ago I made a post on Facebook and Twitter that there would be an announcement made on the blog regarding something big. Well, I think now might be the time to make the announcement.

As of this morning my first article for WDWNT: The Magazine has moved past the editing phase and is being prepped for layout! This is a huge development for both myself and the blog. This opportunity is what started the Gazette. As we began it was just a place for my voice to be heard, and it was my way to hone skills in writing. What started as a simple hobby has now evolved in writing for both WorldofWalt.com and Herb Leibacher, and now to WDWNT: The Magazine. I applied for a writing position in July, and was chosen to be a part of their publication. I want to thank David Smith for allowing me the opportunity to continue moving toward my goal of writing for the best topic on Earth: Walt Disney World. The blog will certainly continue, and we are more driven than ever to produce first class material. I will keep everyone in the loop when the article hopefully reaches the magazine. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

California Grill Reopens

Disney's California Grill has officially reopened after a lengthy refurbishment that saw the iconic restaurant closed since the new year, and the reviews suggest that the restaurant was worth the wait. The official reopen date was September 8, and many who have seen it suggest that the decor is reminiscent of a modern take on the 1930's through 50's. Some have suggested that it took its cues from Mary Blair designs, and has a sleek and brightened look compared to its predecessor.

Many people will look to the food, and though the design of the restaurant has changed, the degree of the food remains high. Disney used this restaurant as their original foray into fine dining, and it appears as though this update surely reflects that. Look to get reservations immediately as it is pretty well-known that they will be at a premium.