Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is the Mine Coaster a go...?

There have been major rumors swirling about the future of the Fantasyland Expansion. These rumors have ranged from the Pixie Hollow section being reality to the area being completely scrapped. This rumor has picked up a bit of steam lately though no one at Disney is talking right now.

It seems that the Pixie Hollow section might be off the table and an old idea might be re-emerging. The Seven Dwarves Mine Coaster once shelved about 2 years ago might actually be a reality after all. What is being heard is that with the possible addition of this coaster we may lose Snow White's Scary Adventures, an opening day attraction, because Disney does not want to flood the guests with too much Snow White. There has also been rumors that Mickey's Toontown might not be going away completely. This is going as far as to say that the Barnstormer may not have to be re-purposed as once thought. 

Again these are strictly rumors I have heard. There has been no confirmation on any of this yet, but keep it in mind moving forward. The next D23 Expo might have more info on how Disney is moving forward with this project.

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