Sunday, December 26, 2010

Haunted Mansion Refurb

I know this is a bit older as a rumor, but i was wondering what the thoughts are on the refurbishment on the Haunted Mansion queue area. From what I hear it is an interactive refurb adding more elements, or different elements to the graveyard outside, as well as making it more wheelchair accessible. Personally I think this is major mistake. Obviously the accessibility is important and needed, pleas do not misunderstand me. But this idea of making this queue interactive and changing some classic effects like the Imagineer tombstones outside the entrance is completely and utterly misguided.

First of all, how long is the line there really to begin with? most times you walk right into the parlor scene anyway. Also, why change something that has been there since day one? I fear some of the upper management at Disney Parks may not be for nostalgia and thus want to see the parks "updated." Part of the Disney draw is that it is different, but it still makes you feel the way you did when you were a child. Somethings will never change and people love that about WDW. I fear this is the beginning of the change of the classic aspects of the parks.


  1. I'm very anxiously awaiting the reveal.

    On the one hand, I have absolutely no faith in management's commitment and indeed I have not had any for a good many years. On the other, I still have faith in WDI, and in particular, their recent refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom of the Haunted Mansion was perfect on so many levels. Succint, beneficial and necessary changes, not changes merely for change's sake. It was all done with such good taste.

    Heaven only knows what will be seen when those walls come done, but - in light of the above - either way it will not be surprising.

  2. I 100% agree with what you said about the 2009 refurb of the entire attraction, however my fears are more about the loss of nostalgia in some places as well as the apparent lack of appreciation of the past by the newer people at WDI

  3. Oh, sure. Absolutely.

    But my point about the Mansion refurb was more to demonstrate that there ARE plenty of people within WDI who are concious of the past and the footsteps within which they are following, as opposed to say, for a very loose example, the result of the earlier POTC refurb. It's just luck of the draw as to how willing some of them are to expose their necks, and whether they get attached to projects of significance (Mansion, etc.) as opposed to changing the design of lamp-posts.

  4. your absolutely right on with that... here's hopping WDI can keep the nostalgia alive in the Haunted Mansion...