Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fantasyland Officially Changed

Apparently it seems the Fantasyland Expansion has been officially changed. (once again) It seems that Walt Disney World will be introducing a new attraction when the expansion is completed. The long rumored Seven Dwarves Mine Coaster sounds like it is definitely a go. Unfortunately, with this news comes the news of the closing of Snow White's Scary Adventures. An opening day attraction SWSA will be missed by classic Disney fans, but Disney's long standing tradition of having only one major attraction per park on a specific film is the reason for this change. Hopefully something will be done in the former show building (considering the rumor was a princess meet and greet.)

Also Goofy's Barnstormer has a new theme than the original generic "clown" theme. The ride will be themed with "The Great Goofini" (Goofy as a magician it would seem) and coincidentally Pixie Hollow was not mentioned. I believe that has been officially scrapped. The question now remains, is this really the last update of the expansion in Fantasyland or only just another change in the grand list of them.

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