Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lap Bars added to Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain recently re-opened to the public after a recent refurbishment. One new feature that might jump out at tourists are the new lap bar restraints that were added to the ride vehicles. This seems like a necessary addition considering I have spoken to people in the past, and they were surprised that the attraction lacked these in the first place. Lets see how these restraints work out in the coming weeks. What thoughts do we have about this change? Is it a loss of comfort? Maybe thrill seekers will feel as though the "thrill" has been lost. Lets wait and find out. More to come on this recent change.

Also just to note. This will add to the wait times of the attraction as loading and unloading will certainly be affected. It seems that the ride will now force only 2 guests per row on the attraction, not like the past when a young child could sit in between adults and fit 3 across.

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