Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prepping for Disney...!

In the next month I will be taking yet another trip to Walt Disney World. As a precursor to that trip I think it is time to spend a little time talking about preparing for a trip to Disney World. It is a grueling experience! If done correctly (and by that I mean to see as much as possible) you may need a vacation from a trip. There are many things you must keep in mind when prepping to go to Disneyworld.

1. Keep in Mind- You will not be able to see everything- I must have been to Walt Disney World roughly 10-12 times on either one or two week vacations. I am confident in saying that I have not seen everything yet! That's right. I have not yet seen it all. There are places that I have not visited. There have been trips where I left disappointed that I missed too much. If you have a plan, you will see the most possible.

2. Plan Plan Plan! On top of making your trip easier to navigate, and be prepared, it is also a fun experience. For many people the thrill is in the planning. Plan accordingly. Make ADR's and figure out where the Extra Magic Hours are going to be for the days you will be there.

3. Know your Climate- Depending on when you are going, Florida can be hot! It is important to dress accordingly. If you are going in the winter months, you may want to bring some sort of a sweatsirt as the nights may get cool. Be sure to have bathing suits in the summer months because you may need to spend time in the pool on an almost daily basis because of the heat.

4. Be ready to have fun! As I continue to countdown toward my trip I will be posting more preparation tips. Feel free to add any tips that you may have as well. Making a Disney trip easier is important in having an excellent time in the vacation capital of the world!

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