Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Peter Pan Getting an Interactive Update

It seems that Peter Pan's Flight within Fantasyland will be getting its long awaited interactive queue. It has been rumored since the addition of the interactive queue in Soarin' and Space Mountain. Now it is beginning to look like it is rapidly becoming a reality. While it has yet to be fully confirmed, the work might be starting soon, if it has not already begun.

This is a huge forward step for the attraction, as many tourists and visitors complain about the blandness and simplicity of the switchbacks for this attraction. It is also argued that the attraction has a lifelong 45 minute wait. It is among the longer lines in the Magic Kingdom (the Fastpass does not help here but that is for another post) and tends to slow to almost a crawl. We shall see what the future holds, but it seems as though interactivity is once again on the move, and it is moving to Neverland.

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