Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bye-Bye Habit Heores

So this opening did not even make to a blog post of mine, but apparently the new attraction in Innoventions East in EPCOT Habit Heroes has already bitten the dust. The attraction, focusing on eating healthy has been slammed recently by people complaining that Disney is discriminating against obese people. It has been such a backlash that even places like the Binge Eating Disorder Association among others have petitioned Disney to close the attraction up. Well, apparently Disney has listened. It seems that the attraction has ceased operation, and all signs point that this will either be a permanent closure or a massive rethinking of the concept. Now we are all wishing for Waste Management's "Don't Waste It" to come back. Stay tuned for the updates on this situation.


  1. In my humble opinion, with all the money and attention spilled over to the exhibit, they would have welcomed back Buzzy to the Disney family.

  2. I am with you here... a little Cranium Commandos in our lives could never hurt...