Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cancelled Parade in DHS... What Can This All Mean?

As was reported a few years back in the infancy of the Gazette, it appears as though the Pixar Countdown to Fun Parade at Disney's Hollywood Studios has been officially cancelled and boxed up. As of early April. the parade that follows the same general route that all DHS parades have followed will be ending its run. THough it lasted much longer than many anticipated (though they did make subtle improvements through the past year) the major curios act is the lack of a replacement. There is no new parade going into the park at all. Which would leave DHS and Epcot as the parks lacking a parade.

Now we know the reason Epcot has no parade, as the layout makes it difficult, and the Tapestry of Nations had a very limited year and a half run, but it is concerning to many as to why no new parade has been announced. This is extremely un-Disneylike. Consider every parade in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, as well as Disneyland, Paris and the like have always announced a parade leaving with a parade coming. Keeping in mind that this parade will leave in approximately 2 weeks and there is no replacement makes many wonder. There is a long standing rumor (that this site has reported on in the past) that major renovations coming to the park, with a new facade for The Great Movie Ride (Carthay Circle Theater) A Star Wars area, and maybe some type of land or expansion to Pixar Place in the Backlot Tour area. This seems to be a logical step as major renovation would require the discontinuation of any parades within the park. We are not sure, but the News is there and the rumors persist. Lets just keep our eyes and ears open and see what comes out of The Walt Disney Company in the coming weeks and months.

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