Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SpectroMagic Gone for Good

I apologize for the lateness of such a big news story, but as it was breaking I was in Walt Disney World and really unable to do it justice.

After all the rumors and the carrots telling us that Disneyworld's beloved SpectroMagic parade would be returning to grace Main Street USA at night, we have been let down and hopes have been dashed. Disney announced last week that not only would the parade not be returning, but that many of the floats have already been dismantled and destroyed. This is a huge blow, as many of us had been reporting that the parade was originally set to return this summer , than maybe this fall or after the holidays. Alas, this was all just a rouse and the return it seems will not be happening.

Rumors began moving around in early July that the parade had been destroyed, and Disney had denied that this was the case. What we have found out is that the decision on the parade was actually made by the Florida weather, as many of the floats had begun to deteriorate due to mold and weathering. It is a sad ending to a once great parade, and many people are lamenting the fact that they either never were able to see it, or were unaware when they last saw it that they would not be seeing it again.

On a personal note, I was not upset by the move to Main Street Electrical initially because it was the parade I grew up watching, but I also was led to believe it was a temporary change. This certainly made my happiness over being able to see it grow as my trip fell when It would be operational during Summer Nightastic in 2010. Once I had seen Main Street Electrical, I found myself longing for the days of SpectroMagic. The music, the floats became iconic to me and I hoped that I would see it again. It is sad to see it go but at least we have the memories, and YouTube.

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