Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coming Back for Real This Time...

It has been far too long... Coupled with getting a new teaching position, and coaching baseball, much has been happening in my personal life which has made my Disney writing unfortunately go to the back burner. Now with a renewed interest, and further writing for WDWNT possibly on the horizon I am feeling invigorated to get the blog running at full steam ahead once more. In the coming days I will attempt to catch up with the things I have been missing, and therefore get ahead with what might be happening, as well as getting the old series moving again. The only series that has been truly discontinued is the Stuck on the Drawing Board series, as it has been moved to WDWNT permanently. This will allow for further exposure for the blog. I hope to add writing for trip planning for the site as well as I am looking forward to taking a larger role there as well.

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