Thursday, August 11, 2011

Test Track To Go Through Major Changes?

It seems as though Test Track might soon be going through a major overhaul in the coming months. What is being said is that the pavilion may be losing GM as a sponsor, and that might mean major changes to the attraction. It is being said around the internet that the theme of the attraction may be shifting from the "testing" of vehicles to the actual "creation". What that means is anyones guess. What could influence this refurbishment could be the new Radiator Springs Racers in Disney's California Adventure. If this is seen to be immensely popular we may see a change towards that type of ride system, though I highly doubt major work will be done here. The attraction is scheduled to go down for refurbishment in January 2012 for almost six months. While not long enough to redo the entire attraction it is enough time to repair some effects that have long since shut off, and probably change the sponsorship. If there is anything we may see in the future that would be the most likely. We will keep on this story to see if it actually becomes news and not just an online rumor. The only fact we do know is that it will be going down for a lengthy refurbishment after the new year.

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