Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whats the Deal? Fantasmic Refurbishment

It seems as though many Disney fans are beginning to worry about the future of the nightly spectacular Fantasmic's future. There is a growing fear throughout Disneyana that the attraction in its current incarnation might be at its end. The show is slated to be in refurbishment from January 5 to February 12 of next year. Many of the people I have spoken to are worried that the attraction might go through a major overhaul while it is closed. If we take it at face value and going by what we know, is it really possible for Disney to completely change this show in a little over a month? Consider this, the new Enchanted Tiki Room is scheduled to reopen on August 15th, almost three months after the fire that destroyed the Iago animatronic among other things. Personally, I think that this refurbishment is going to be used to clean up the Hollywood Hills Theater, and possibly repair the dragon that seems to have been down for quite a while. A major overhaul seems extremely unlikely, but you never really know. Keeping in mind that it is a show with sets and show pieces, there is not much stopping Disney from doing major work offstage, and spending the entire month installing the new equipment. We shall see. Maybe there will be an announcement at the upcoming D23 Expo, though I highly doubt it. This does not seem big enough. Fans are looking for much more at the Expo than a monthlong refurbishment of this major nighttime show.

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