Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is Avatarland off the drawing board? CarsLand and big changes to DHS?

Rumors are abounding that the future of Avatarland in Animal Kingdom has been decided. That decision has been to possibly scratch the whole entire project. There have been many thoughts as to why this might have happened. One of the major reasons this seems to have been scraped is the fact that James Cameron wanted 100% creative control, and Disney generally does not allow such things. This seems like good business as it allows them to hold some control on what gets produced within their parks. Apparently this may not be working for a big-time director like James Cameron, and the popular belief is that coupled with the seemingly negative fanboy response to the projects creation has caused the company to cease the forward movement of the concept.

With this news comes even more rumors of a possible overhaul to the Hollywood Studios Park. There have been many rumors about the future of the parks streets and areas, as well as some things that might make many fans happy and possibly worried. Here are the rumors, in order of how possible they seem to be:

1. The Hollywood Hills Amphitheater to add 1000 seats. This has been all but confirmed, this makes us wonder about either a World of Color update to the show or an integration of World of Color effects to the already popular Fantasmic show.

2. CarsLand could be on its way to Hollywood Studios. Rumor has it that the Backlot tour will be put out of its misery to make way for the land to be placed within the confines of Pixar Place.

3. The eventual closing of the Backlot Express to be re-imagined as the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars fame. This rumor has been around for a while, but appears to be finally ready to happen.

4. The re-imagining of the Grauman's Chinese Theater as the Carthay Circle Theater. This would allow Disney to end the litigation of the usage of the facade, and allow them to take down the Sorcerer's Hat and use the Carthay as the official park icon.

5. The closing of possibly both Mama' Melrose's and Pizza Planet to make way for two Muppet inspired eateries. (look back at the History of WDW look at Gonzo's Pandemonium Pizza Parlor as a guide to what may be going here)

6.  Ending the madness of Sound's Dangerous and making the space an official Jedi Training Academy. This would allow for a better experience for guests as well as a more "Force" inspired experience.

7. The Monster's Inc. Coaster. This has been on again off again and then back on again rumor for the past five years. Personally it is still a long shot but if an expansion to Pixar Place is in the works this may become a part of it.

As runors it is absolutely possible that these things do not happen, but it appears that Hollywood Studios is now the park on tap to be refurbished. This will continue to be observed and reported as actual news comes out, but there are many outlets reporting these ideas. This is just more of a grouping of the all of the major rumors.

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