Monday, September 3, 2012

The Magic, The Memories and You To Become Re-Imagined

It has been announced the the Pre-Wishes event "The Magic, The Memories and You" will end its run as soon as today in preparation for the new pre-show entitled, "Celebrate the Magic" which will debut in November. It is rumored to feature much of the designs and effects that its predecessor implemented including the castle effects, but it appears as though the concept of photographs during the day of guests will be removed.

This seems like a logical move forward for this technology, as it originally was implemented with the pictures because apparently Disney brass was worried that the simple effects would not draw crowds. Now that those fears have been squashed, and the show's popularity is revolved around the Castle effects, it appears as the progression would be to eliminate the memory portion of the show, and eventually implement the technology into the firework show, which may eventually call for the either updating or replacing of the Wishes Fireworks show. What do people think about the idea that Wishes' days may may be numbered?

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