Wednesday, October 3, 2012

EPCOT's 30th Anniversary

October 1st marked the 30th anniversary of the opening of EPCOT Center. This date is not only important in the history of the Disney Company, but also important in American popular culture. This date marked the culmination of thoughts from Walt Disney, and the company's ability to make as much of that vision come to life as possible. As we move into the 30th year that the park has been open, there are changes on the horizon (no pun intended) with the refurbishment of Test Track under way. The question now becomes: what else needs to be done? We know that EPCOT is certainly still a popular park, and as Food and Wine begins, the park has reached its own peak season. As we look around Future World, there seems to be things necessary to the future of the park that are in need of expansion. Looking at a few we see:

1. Wonders of Life- It may be time to make a decision regarding this pavilion. It is working right now as a special event locale, but if there is a need for attraction expansion, this is the most likely space. There have been construction demolition papers made up regarding this space, but that does not mean the entire pavilion is being demolished, unless there are structural issues. 

2. Universe of Energy- Even though Ellen is still a popular draw, it seems that it may be time to do something with this attraction, especially the 45 minute length.

3. Journey into Imagination with Figment- This has been worked on the last few years, although nothing really major, it is time for the attraction to be overhauled. It is interesting, if this was still the original Journey, we likely may not be having this conversation. Alas, this needs to be done.

4. Captain EO- The appeal is running out, as many people ho remember it from their childhood or younger days have returned to Disney to see it already, and now its attendance is fleeting. A new 3D attraction might be looked into in the near future. 

5. Spaceship Earth- I have ranted about this in the past, and it is time for Siemens to fix a mistake. Rumors swirl that the old future AA's are hidden behind the curtains on the descent, it is time to at least open it up and restart them. 

6. Soarin'- Though this is a rather new attraction, it would become much more fitting if they swapped the California film with either a Florida or a United States film. It has been said that the films could easily swap out, and it might be time.

As EPCOT hits 30, it is certainly an important time for the park, and now that the anniversary has passed, it might be time to look into refurbishing attractions that have run their course and might need, in some cases, slight upgrades. Some cases are unfortunately in need of full attractions. But for now, Happy 30th EPCOT, and many more!!!

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