Friday, October 12, 2012

New Fantasyland to have Soft-Openings Beginning Today!

As of this morning, it appears as though guests were treated to a surprise as the gates to New Fantasyland have been open, and soft-openings have begun. This is a bit of a surprise as it was thought that the Annual Passholder openings in early November would be the first days that guests could view the new land. Obviously, this is a big story, as many of us, including myself, have been covering and following this construction since its initial announcement. Stay tuned for news regarding the opening, including reactions from both guests and enthusiasts alike. I will be down there at the end of next month, just prior to the official December 6th opening, so I hope to have many photos and thoughts about the area.

In other news:

Splash Mountain to Go Down for Lengthy Rehab

The Disney Company has officially announced that Splash Mountain will go down for refurbishment from January 2nd until roughly March 20th. This is longer than the usual one month refurbishment, which leads many in the community to believe that this rehab might be the one where many of the issues that have been left off previous rehabs finally gets looked at. This tender, love and care is necessary when we look at issues like the turned off jumping fountains in the laughing place, and other issues with the unsynchronized music and dialogue within the mountain. This is something that I have spoken about recently, and it seems that Disney is realizing the need to have this attraction at peak condition. With the closure of Big Thunder Mountain last winter, and the track update and extensive refurbishment done there, it was rumored that this year would be reserved the time for Splash Mountain and its numerous needs. This appears to be happening, and though two and a half months of closure is long, it is necessary and welcomed by all.

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