Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Walt Disney World News: Sorcerers, Narnia Departs

It appears that the Main Street Fire Station is closing for a reason after all! Amid rumors for the past few weeks into what the plan is for the closed building it seems that DisneyParksBlog has an answer. That answer is the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. This seems to be the Kim Possible type interactive game that was rumored to be coming to Magic Kingdom. It is slated to open in early 2012 and we will keep you up to date on the news regarding it.

Also it seems as though Hollywood Studios is trying to cleanup a few low attended attractions. Since Star Tours opened in May, the attraction closest to it (Sounds Dangerous) has not been open, and now it seems that the Chronicles of Narnia will be joining Drew Carey's fate. It is scheduled to close on September 10, though no new attraction has been slated to replace it. We shall see what happens in that area though I suspect it will not be a major attraction being that the congestion in that area due to Toy Story Mania would make that idea almost impossible.


  1. It took way to long to close down the Narnia show/exhibit thing, especially since they are done with that license

  2. Yeh I find it odd that it took that long... CoNsidering like you said they haven't had anything to do with the last film...