Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cutting Back of Extra Magic Hours?

It appears that we might see a cutback in the times of night Extra Magic Hours throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. As it stands now, the parks are open, on select nights, an extra three hours to guests staying in a Disney World Resort. The change that seems to be on deck is to cut those three hour nights back to two hours. This change appears to be going into effect in January of 2013.

For those of us who have survived an all-night Magic Kingdom EMH will attest that toward the end of the night the parks become extremely scarce. I personally remember once being in Magic Kingdom at 3:30am. This also proved to be an extremely quiet time. Is it possible that Disney is seeing that the extra hour is not worth the cost of keeping it open. I mean we all know that if EMH ends at 2am the park does not empty out until almost 3. They do not close the rides at the time of park closing, they simply stop letting more people enter. This could cause attractions like Soarin' and Space Mountain to have twenty minute lines within.

The question is this: How do people feel about this concept and change. It is not set in stone yet as it is simply a rumor as of today, but the fact is it appears that it is on the horizon. Any thoughts?

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