Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goodbye to Characters in Flight...?

It appears that the Downtown Disney attraction Characters in Flight will be closed now through November. This is in response to an apparent accident because of the material that the balloon is made of. A similar balloon made by the company Aerophile supplied this balloon as well as the one that fell from approximately 20 meters (50 feet to us used to the English system of measuring) at Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

The attraction was already scheduled for a refurbishment and balloon replacement for this November so it appears that this is the plan, but one cannot help but speculate that this might be the last that we see of this attraction. Keep a few things in mind:

1. Does Disney want an attraction that has a history, even though it did not happen on a Disney owned resort?
2. Was this attraction popular enough to sustain the loss of guests who may not trust it anymore?
3. Will Disney allow it to return to the air, keeping the safety of the tests in mind?

Personally I think we may have seen the last of this, as I think Disney will close it for refurbishment and then slowly and quietly dismantle the entire setup alla 20,000 Leagues. It is safe to say we will find out soon enough, but if we do not it may be because the attraction has gone by the wayside

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