Monday, July 30, 2012

Re-theming of California Grill Coming?

It has been stated on websites and other media outlets that the California Grill will be closing on January 6, 2013. This closure has been stated to be an "extensive rehab" and will reopen in the late summer of 2013. This long closure has many Disney fans wondering and worrying about the fate of the well-known Signature Dining location. There have been rumors that it will be completely re-themed, and the cuisine would go through complete menu change.

According to Chef Brian Piasecki, the menu will have some changes but what has made the California Grill what it is will remain. (Thanks to for the info) It also sounds as though there will be an upgrade to the interactive kitchen, though the kitchen staff and floor-plan of the restaurant have been said to remain.

Alas, there are many that are worried of the closing, as six to eight months is a long time for a restaurant to be closed, there is a sentiment that more is on the horizon. Maybe the restaurant is going back to its roots as the Top of the World Club, or maybe it is going to cease as a restaurant altogether. Personally I would think that Disney will keep this Signature Dining venue around and similar to what it is today, as it remains to be one of the most popular places on property. Coupled with excellent food and an amazing view of Cinderella Castle and the Wishes Nighttime Fireworks, this venue will return with a fresh upgrade, even better food and a new experience that will once again beckoning people back for more.


  1. sorry to disappoint, but no retheming coming..But it will be AWESOME!!!

  2. I am with you... and as you know no one will believe it until it reopens... Just a freshen up with a few added frills...